Deposits are required to book and confirm appointments. Deposits are valid for two weeks after a booked appointment and you are allowed to reschedule twice in that time frame, after which you would be asked to resubmit another deposit.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are vaild for 100 days, after which they are worth only half their value and a deposit will be required for booking.


As previously stated, you can reschedule TWICE before you can schedule another appointment. After the 3rd reschedule you will need to restart the booking process.


Appointments that are rescheduled within 24 hours before the appointment do not count as cancellations. Cancellations made prior to 24 hours before your appointment will be allowed ONE chance to reschedule within 14 days before another payment needs to be submitted. Depending on the situation, exceptions can be made.  NO SHOWS FORFEIT YOUR ENTIRE APPOINTMENT AND WILL NEED TO RESUMBIT THE ENTIRE PAYMENT BEFORE ANOTHER APPOINTMENT WILL BE BOOKED. 

If any issues arise please let me know, I will try to mitigate any problems that are in my power. Thank you for choosing me to care for you.

Ase Bodyworks