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Relaxing massage for general wellness. Promotes sleep and decreases stress. Massages can be customized to fit all the needs of the client.

Side-lying/ Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for any woman and massage can help relieve back and leg pain. But side-lying massage is also for anyone like the elderly or those with medical conditions who cannot lay face down for long periods of time so that the massage is as enjoyable as possible.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Massage that tackles problem areas or areas of pain. Deep work gets rid of the build-up of toxins that form knots and cause pain in the muscle.

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep pressure point therapy that aids in muscle relaxation and relief of stubborn areas of pain.

Passive Stretching

A stretching technique that opens up muscles and relieves stress and tightness to relieve pain and discomfort. Great for athletes and people who do alot of physical activity or those who generally feel tight. Passive stretching bypasses the receptors of the brain so that a deeper more satisfying result occurs.

Massage Add-Ons

Essential Oils (added into massage cream)

Essential oils are able to change the brain chemistry to iniate healing from the inside out. Essential oils have been used my many cultures for years to heal and relax those in pain.


Energy work that helps relieve stress* Includes essential oils for added relaxation

Body Scrub with Body Butter

Organic body scrub and butter to invigorate the lymphatic system and revitalize skin. *Includes steamed towels*

Dry Body Brushing

Activates the lymphatic system and gets rid of the most outer layer of skin, inceases healing on the cellular level, and gives the skin a renewed glow.

Body Scrubs 

A fragrant blend of essential oils and epsom salts to scrub the most outer layer of skin and activate the lymphatic system, much like dry brushing, but infuses the skin with enriching oil and is followed by steamed towels and a creamy body butter to seal in all of the moisture for healing.




Skin Tightening

Using Infrared light & radio frequency to cause collagen production and fat cell destruction to smooth skin & give the skin a youthful look (minimum 3 sessions for best results)

Sauna Blanket

Infrared system used with sweat cream to detox and tighten the skin, used in a series to enhance the effects and results of the skin tightening and cavitation treatments.